Monthly Archives: May 2015

Thinking about Home

A new day a new artwork to be done. We’ve been thinking a lot about home over the past few months. Home is one of the most important things for us. It means a lot to us like family, to be safe and cared for. We think that it is important enough to make something really big and bright for everyone to see. We’ve been looking at our ideas and making plans for something you can’t miss.

planning a neon smallworking on home smallacross generations smallplanning home work smallhome of justice small


There’s a Buzz on the Wall!

We’ve done lots more pasting and we’re really happy about how it looks. Hope you like it too. Please come and visit ¬†Atherton Gardens to see it. Look at the front of building 90 on Brunswick St (cnr Gertrude St) and the south side of building 140 also on Brunswick St.Freinds and flower small local flower small140 south wall small140 paste up small