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Transforming my drawing




How to spell silhouette

Today we made silhouettes using black ink! We also made stencils using black paper for the light boxes. We enjoyed every second of it! Yuji

Today we used ink to make silhouette pictures for our light boxes. Our ideas are about a happy world and a not so happy world. We’re going to show our work in July at the Gertrude St Projection Festival. Belinda

XSite Fun Day



today at XSite we made Mother’s Day cards cause it’s coming up. we started with colored card and thought about our Mums and how important they are. From our ideas we cut out lots of shapes and letters and stuck them down to create the best we can do for our mothers.

there was also a Family Fun 😆 Day today on the estate so lots more children joined and it was even busier and it was even better fun. It was great fun🖌. If you want to join in  I would highly recommend it. Nina