Monthly Archives: August 2017


We are all excited to be back at XSite so we can do the next part of our neon artwork. Here are some of our thoughts from the last weeks…

Today we worked on the minor but important details for our neon artwork and also did some stop motion animation. I really enjoyed today. A great first day back! Jackie

Today I had a very good day because I went to XSite at The Factory and saw Mary, Maria Remi and Regina there. It was so Cool! bye Mia

Today we did light painting, we did  the words walking child!! Wendy

today we continued to work on the details. we also did some light art. the light art was new to me but it was really fun. today was awesome!!! jackie🤑

i love this workshop especially the project that we are working on. we are working on a walking child! every one is exited.     kate

i love this workshop that we do art and learn new things in. I love the new thing we are working on. We are working on a Walking Child. Jinx

today at the factory we were doing a project called the walking child we are doing neon installation it is very very fun. Asha