Monthly Archives: October 2014

Exhibition Preparation/Painting

Today was buzzariffic we did painting and we tried to find a place to have our exhibition and show off our drawings ;).

Here are some pics:









Art Painting and Stop Motion

Today we did painting about Bees. We are deciding on mixing bee paintings and stop motion for next week’s workshop.

“We are so excited about the exhibition it’s going to be a big day”

_DSC0078  _DSC0082

Bee News

Today we have been researching about bees. how do they make honey?

how many flowers do they need to visit to make one teaspoon of honey?

Can you imagine it takes 5.000 flowers visits to make one teaspoon of honey!lisa and thao making stop motionartwork 14:10:2014

Bees Are Our Buzz

Today we did pasting and drawing. We listened to music on Shayla`s Phone.  While I was drawing and using the window as a lightbox, a real bee came up and landed on the window. At first I thought it was a fake bee but it was actually a REAL BEE! It was BUZZTACULAR!

Next week we are gonna have so much fun like today.