Puppy Bones









A neon is a gas that creates different colours. Then people transfer the gas into tubes of glass. Wendy Haythornthwaite

We drew our practice walking child front and side on.

I had to study Wendy’s face to understand how it looks. I learnt a lot about faces. Jennifer Nguyen

We looked at how all different body parts fit together. All of us did really creative details. K.i.m.i Nguyen

We had lots of fun. We did lots of good details. We probably made some pretty good figures. Kate.D.Meckind

I enjoyed thinking of the details to put on my work. It was hard because it’s a neon which means it is one tube of light. Jackie Baldwin

I made a cute little puppy on my drawing.it was a little bit hard to make. Asha.F.Lawrence


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