We are all excited to be back at XSite so we can do the next part of our neon artwork. Here are some of our thoughts from the last weeks…

Today we worked on the minor but important details for our neon artwork and also did some stop motion animation. I really enjoyed today. A great first day back! Jackie

Today I had a very good day because I went to XSite at The Factory and saw Mary, Maria Remi and Regina there. It was so Cool! bye Mia

Today we did light painting, we did  the words walking child!! Wendy

today we continued to work on the details. we also did some light art. the light art was new to me but it was really fun. today was awesome!!! jackie🤑

i love this workshop especially the project that we are working on. we are working on a walking child! every one is exited.     kate

i love this workshop that we do art and learn new things in. I love the new thing we are working on. We are working on a Walking Child. Jinx

today at the factory we were doing a project called the walking child we are doing neon installation it is very very fun. Asha


Puppy Bones









A neon is a gas that creates different colours. Then people transfer the gas into tubes of glass. Wendy Haythornthwaite

We drew our practice walking child front and side on.

I had to study Wendy’s face to understand how it looks. I learnt a lot about faces. Jennifer Nguyen

We looked at how all different body parts fit together. All of us did really creative details. K.i.m.i Nguyen

We had lots of fun. We did lots of good details. We probably made some pretty good figures. Kate.D.Meckind

I enjoyed thinking of the details to put on my work. It was hard because it’s a neon which means it is one tube of light. Jackie Baldwin

I made a cute little puppy on my drawing.it was a little bit hard to make. Asha.F.Lawrence

The Letters G and R


We’ve been pasting up our letters on the columns of building 95 on the Atherton Gardens estate. You can come and see it from Gertrude St in Fitzroy. We’ve been working hard because the days have been very very windy which has made it so hard to get the letters pasted up. But we’ve kept going even though it’s hard and made it happen anyway. It looks good and we’re happy.

On thinking about the first letter ‘G’ of the GROW project, freshly pasted up.

It’s clear and good and it stands out from far away. – Hayley

When you go close you can’t see the little rips, only the wrinkles like old people. – Daphne

It was a bit risky because it didn’t stick on very easily. – Rene

It’s too far to the left! – May

THE LETTER R is a rainbow and rain. Come and see it it’s great!!!! Or if you’re too far away here it is for you to see and enjoy.


an xsite workshop


Remi taught me how to draw a face properly. 😑-Brandon Nezirovic

We are making a person out of cardboard and it is like the neon that we are designing. 🤗- Xanthe Matthews

We traced someone while they were on cardboard so then after we cut the pieces out and then finally put them together as a moving figure 💩-Jackie Baldwin

I love the way we are creating the walking motion and it makes it easier for us.😜-Wendy HaythornthwaiteCut




Today we are working on the word GROW, and specifically we are working on the letters G & R for our paste up. Over the last few weeks we have been looking at how we will make the letters. We’ve been thinking of all the words that start with these letters that make us think about growth. We have brainstormed and now we are going to experiment with our ideas. It’s good to be making art that is hands on and practical.





Amanda and I have been working on a film in photoshop (an animation for our film). We are getting it ready for the Richmond West Primary School art show. We barley got anywhere until the very end when filled in the pond. I had a great time though. Roisin

Light boxes step lightly on the earth

young ones LB

We are so proud of the 5 artworks we exhibited in light boxes installed on the Atherton Gardens Estate as part of the Gertrude St Projection Festival. Here are some of our thoughts…

we all feel really proud

it was exciting

it was hot and sweaty work, we worked hard, it feels fresh now we’ve made it

we feel proud, happy and relieved

happy because people see our work and relieved and proud

happy I’ve done the best I can

Lightboxes Fitzroy











Lightboxes Fitzroy











Lightboxes Fitzroy











Lightboxes Fitzroy











Lightboxes Fitzroy













Stop the Bully

We are really proud to show you our new work “Stop the Bully” that we exhibited as a giant projection on the Richmond housing estate as part of the Space Between Light Festival.

Here is a link to it:         https://vimeo.com/178871147

Here are some pictures from our projection exhibition :

today_smallhe made_smalltears_smalli love bullying_smallthen you_smallthe best_small

Here are some pictures of the LED throwie installation we made on the Friday night of the Festival. Our families, residents on the estate and visitors helped us make it. It was so much fun and it looked great.

bull led_smallstop making led_smallstop led_smallstop the bully led_small

Here are some thoughts on our first exhibition:

l thought it was cool and my favorite part was the fire part and my favorite thing l did was the throws. Kristy

I enjoyed it because it was fun and I think it made people think that they shouldn’t bully. Aisling

I really like our subject so we should do the opposite of bullying. Xanthe

It made me feel more confident when I would get bullied. It also made me think about others. Carissa

I really enjoyed seeing my work on the screen, it made me feel very proud of what I had done. I enjoyed watching it. The message was clear and you could tell how much effort we all put in. Roisin

I enjoyed it because I had never done something like that before. I also liked the concept of the show. I enjoyed doing the animation. I thought it was really fun how we got to draw, colour, create and put it into an animation. Jackie

Hi my name’s Danny. I just enjoyed it because I hadn’t done anything like it before. Danny

When I saw my work I feel happy. Tanya

I liked the message through the short film. It was really fun to make and watch all our hard work go into something to help people who are getting bullied. We could work on making the films connect in some sort of way. Amanda