Monthly Archives: April 2015

Lots of Pasting & More to Come!

We had a big fun day pasting up our work. We’re about half way through and will do some more next week.  There was lots of glue, it got a bit windy so we had to chase some paper. Here’s the work in progress and some photos of us hard at work.

table pastingtable workpaste workat the wallpicking a beetable 2at workpasting wellpastedworking togetherbees in the middletogetherwall 1wall 2


Working Accross Generations

We had a great day working across generations today. We were joined by our elders on the estate  plus our younger brothers and sisters. From Grandmothers and Mothers to our really little ones everyone loved all the colours we worked with. With so much help looks like we are ready to paste up next week! XSITING!!!!!

at work

The Power of Bees

Bees are such important creatures that help power our world. Here are some pictures of our interpretations.

Flower power and sea power


Why does a bee hum? Because it doesn’t know the words!

bees aplenty



We are thinking about and planning how the light based work will be installed on the tower and here is a picture of the location plus another really good photo of the estate.