Monthly Archives: February 2015

Buzzy Day Painting, Drawing & Photoshopping!

Today we continued painting flower petals. We also drew and painted some bees. Some of us did some work on the computer in Photoshop. We composited portraits taken of us over the last few months so we can include a photo-collage in our Daily Buss zine. ‘It was a very buzzy (busy) day!’ – Thao _DSC0019 _DSC0005 _DSC0024


Loving Colour!

We are back to let you know how things are going at XSite! Today, we went outside to have a look at our amazing and beautiful paste-ups. We noticed that the paint on our petals faded away, so we now know to make the colour thicker for next time! We also thought that we should make them more colourful and creative.


After thinking of what we can do better for next time, we went back inside to paint over our petals to make sure that they are brighter & thicker so they don’t fade that easily!

“Welcome back, the show must go on!” – Xinbao

_DSC0224 _DSC0226

Finding Out Where We are at…

Today we looked over the evaluation sheets that we have been filling out at the end of each workshop. We looked at our responses and figured out the numbers and statistics on graphs. Whew!


We found out that the overall responses to 4 main questions on the sheet showed that about 80% of us were very xsited, 15% a bit xsited and 5% were not too xsited. Wow! We also found out that most of us really enjoy painting and that we also like stop motion, pasting, drawing, typing, writing and creating story boards.