Monthly Archives: December 2016

Puppy Bones









A neon is a gas that creates different colours. Then people transfer the gas into tubes of glass. Wendy Haythornthwaite

We drew our practice walking child front and side on.

I had to study Wendy’s face to understand how it looks. I learnt a lot about faces. Jennifer Nguyen

We looked at how all different body parts fit together. All of us did really creative details. K.i.m.i Nguyen

We had lots of fun. We did lots of good details. We probably made some pretty good figures. Kate.D.Meckind

I enjoyed thinking of the details to put on my work. It was hard because it’s a neon which means it is one tube of light. Jackie Baldwin

I made a cute little puppy on my was a little bit hard to make. Asha.F.Lawrence


The Letters G and R


We’ve been pasting up our letters on the columns of building 95 on the Atherton Gardens estate. You can come and see it from Gertrude St in Fitzroy. We’ve been working hard because the days have been very very windy which has made it so hard to get the letters pasted up. But we’ve kept going even though it’s hard and made it happen anyway. It looks good and we’re happy.

On thinking about the first letter ‘G’ of the GROW project, freshly pasted up.

It’s clear and good and it stands out from far away. – Hayley

When you go close you can’t see the little rips, only the wrinkles like old people. – Daphne

It was a bit risky because it didn’t stick on very easily. – Rene

It’s too far to the left! – May

THE LETTER R is a rainbow and rain. Come and see it it’s great!!!! Or if you’re too far away here it is for you to see and enjoy.